Alternative Chiropractic Care: The Activator Tool

When I was 35, I was told I had a degenerative jawbone and would need surgery to prevent it from collapsing. I was also told I would have to wear braces until my teeth matched the new jaw bone. My orthodontist informed me that our bodies’ posture is directly related to our teeth because we lead with our teeth. Since my lower jaw bone was recessive, I had a pretty noticeable overbite; therefore, my shoulders slumped forward. He said he was sending me to a chiropractor. My reaction was, “Whoa, hold on there. do not trust chiropractors. I will not go.” He bluntly said he would not treat me if I did not follow his directions to receive chiropractic treatments. He was a specialist in orthodontics dealing with only the most serious cases, and I had no other choice but to keep him as my orthodontist and to follow his directions for chiropractic treatments with the chiropractor he had chosen. I had fears of being popped and snapped and eventual back surgery. I know that is unfair to the good chiropractors out there, but I adjustment had heard horrible stories.

I finally go to my first chiropractic appointment. The chiropractor is a lovely lady who is so personable. I could not help but like her, though I was still skeptical. I had Chiropractic to watch a video about a little chiropractic tool called an activator. Okay, so this little tool that looks like a syringe is supposed to gently put my vertebrae back into place and there would be no manual manipulation of my vertebral subluxation bones. Sounds good, but really ?

She asked me some questions about headaches, eye strain, dizziness, tension, and a variety of other things dealing with my well-being. She sounded like a medical doctor. I told her I experienced all these symptoms. She attributed much of it to my degenerative jaw, but also stated that many of my problems were from being a teacher who constantly graded papers and worked at a computer. I told her I often had pain in my neck, shoulders, and lower back and was currently experiencing pain in all those areas.

She had me lie face down on a table then while holding my ankles, she directed me to place my hands in different places alongside or across my body and back. Again, I am thinking, Really? I asked her how she could tell anything by moving my ankles around, up and down and to the side. She said she could tell where my alignment was out by the position of my feet, whether one was higher or lower to the other. Then she told me she was going to use the chiropractic activator to adjust my vertebrae. I was still wary and prayed first that it wouldn’t hurt then that I would not end up on some surgeon’s table.

To my great surprise and relief, she used the activator to adjust my C5 vertebrae in my neck then on several of my lower back vertebrae. My headache was instantly gone, and the activator felt like a quick flick to each vertebrae. The only thing I heard was the click of the activator. She asked me to bend my knees so my ankles would be at a 90 degree angle with my body and to hold a.r.t. chiropactors them together as hard as I could so she could try to pull them apart. I did as she asked thinking she would not be able to pull them apart. She easily did pull them apart, and I felt a familiar pain in my low back. She told me to move to another table and to lie face down again. She adjusted the table to barely lift my lower body up at the hips. As she was doing this, she informed my tailbone was out, probably from sitting on hard surfaces like wooden chairs and bleachers. She then instructed me to put my knees together with my ankles up, again, but to let my feet fall naturally to the sides. A quick push on my hips caused the table to drop making my body flat. Still on my stomach and face down, she asked me to put my ankles together again and to hold tight. She could not pull them apart. After 10 minutes of lying with localized massagers on my neck and low back, I felt like a million bucks. No headache or back pain or feeling dizzy; the pain was gone. I could not believe it. Check with your insurance, they might pay for it. I will say that it is well worth the money to feel better if you do have to pay for the visits.


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