This Season’s Best Arts and Crafts Video

Now Playing: Mom Throws Out Almost All the Toys of Her 4 Kids

Now Playing: Water Toys To Cool Off

Now Playing: Police Dash Cam Catches High-Speed custom wood maps Collision During Traffic Stop

Now Playing: 11-Year-Old Walks In on Home Invader

Now Playing: Bodies of 2 Divers Recovered From Underwater Caves

Now Playing: 2 Divers Found Dead in Underwater Cave in Florida

Now Playing: ‘GMA’ Hot List: New Orleans Saints Super Fan Gets Big Surprise on Live TV

Now Playing: 8-Year-Old Daughter Speaks at Vigil for Slain Cops

Now Playing: 91-Year-Old Left Immobile After Wheelchair, Walker Stolen

Now Playing: Florida Officials Use Turbines To Help Fight Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes

Now Playing: Oyster Farming From the Nursery to cheap wooden maps the Table

Now Playing: Hand-Sorting Fresh Oysters from the Chesapeake Bay

Now Playing: See Baby Oysters wood maps of the great lakes in Their Nursery

Now Playing: Rare Black Baby Rhino Born in Iowa Zoo

Now Playing: President Obama on Trump Election Rigging Claims: ‘Stop Whining’

Now Playing: Enchanting ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Proposal Ends Happily Ever After

Now Playing: Oyster Farming’s Impact on the Chesapeake Bay Environment and Economy

Now Playing: Take a Look Inside the Chesapeake Bay’s Oyster Cages

Now Playing: Farming Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay with the Rappahannock Oyster Company

Now Playing: 100-Year-Old McDonald’s Fan Gets Surprise Party, Free Meals for Life

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